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We are an African inspired craft business, bringing a touch of Africa, through custom made pieces into your homes and all other spaces needing interior decoration.

ÂBËKÂJÏK was started in 2017 by two mumpreneur sisters, Sherifah Ponle & Yasmine Ponle-Okudzeto, to celebrate the beauty of African culture.

Our rich and diverse culture can be seen within the story that each pattern, colour and symbol tells us.

We hope you find something to suit your needs



The Founders


ÂBËK MÖĮ’s Founder #fbf #africaninterior

Sherifah Ponle


After graduating from university with two scientific degrees,Sherifah embarked on a professional career & quickly realised her passion for African interior design

Sherifah has always had a great love for all things African and interior.

In 2017,  during her maternity leave Sherifah decided to put her passion into action this was when ÂBËKÂJÏK was created.


Sherifah has a vision for us to not just represent Africa in our clothing but to incorporate Africa into our homes, work and everyday lives. To bring home away from home, to add the culture, colours, patterns and symbols that make part of the African heritage.

Ghana & Nigeria

Brand Ambassador


Yasmine Ponle-Okudzeto


21/04/1980 - 07/01/2020


Yasmine was an Emotional Intelligence Certified Specialist, Cognitive Behaviour Specialist and the Co Founder of Sickle Strong Warriors Foundation in Ghana & Nigeria. 

She was always passionate about Africa and it's beauty and has always wanted to share it with the world.


When Sherifah approached Yasmine with the potential to partner up, she jumped at the opportunity. Not only was she excited to be part of this venture but she was happy to be doing it with her baby sister. 

Unfortunately Yasmine's Sickle Cell Warrior battle came to an end 07/01/2020 but her legacy in ÄBËKÂJÏK will always and forever live on.


Our Other Services

Upholstery Service

We offer personalised upholstery service. Soft Furniture to suit your needs, adding a touch of Africa.

Upscaling Service

We offer upscaling services of soft furniture. Have old furniture that needs updating and a touch of Africa? Get in touch!


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